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Apart from the physical and mental benefits of walking there is the obvious benefit for locals and visitors to discover more of Victoria. This includes our parks, creeks, rivers, lakes, coastlines, hills and mountains along with our streetscapes and markets, our heritage and our historical precincts.

There is a real joy in walking and benefits to the state in development of sustainable walking tourism.

I’d like to recognise those management and advocacy organisations (listed below) that promote walking; the many volunteers in clubs that organise walks and the organisations that create and maintain bushwalking trails including Bushwalking Victoria; the Great Dividing Trail Association and the Friends of the Great South West Walk and of course the work done by Parks Victoria and Local Councils.

And there's another sector: Walking Holidays.  See the links below for organisations providing walking holidays.



Parks Victoria 
For information on parks, camping, park management etc in Victoria


Victoria Walks  

For information on walks, walking strategies & plans, walking advocacy, etc.


Bushwalking Victoria      


For bushwalking information, bushwalking advocacy, bushwalking clubs, etc.


Bushwalking Australia     


For national bushwalking information, bushwalking advocacy, information for international visitors, etc.


Outdoors Victoria

Advocacy for outdoors education, etc


Trail Hiking     


A free to use tool for the walking, bushwalking and hiking communities.


Inclusive Design     


For walking design strategies and guidelines, urban design, etc 


Walking Holidays

For hiking tours in Australia and overseas


Specialist in walking holidays in Australia, NZ, Europe & North America



2017 Victorian Walking Festival Sponsor:


Going Solar, trading in Melbourne since 1978, has long been promoting renewable energy, sustainable living, sustainable transport, active transport (walking and cycling), sustainable tourism and the use of sustainable products. As the name suggests the key items are solar hot water systems, off-grid PV solar systems, grid-connected PV solar systems and hybrid PV solar systems but Going Solar is also involved with a range of other products including non-toxic paints, non-toxic cleaning and personal products and beekeeping equipment.